“I firmly believe in the rule of law as the foundation for all of our basic rights.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Thank you for allowing me to serve as judge of your Travis County Court at Law #1.  It is truly a privilege and an honor for me to be able to spend every work day as a part of the civil justice system.  I strive to become a better judge every day, and I would appreciate your vote as I run for re-election.

I was honored to be elected to the bench in November, 2014.  Since that time, I have handled hundreds of contested matters as well numerous civil jury trials (2015, 30 jury trials; 2016, 31 jury trials).  Both courts of law in Travis County handle both county court cases and district court cases on assignment.

Austin Bar Judicial Evaluation Poll (2017)

Hard working: Excellent (80.35%) Acceptable (15.61%)

Impartial: Excellent (75.56%) Acceptable (15.56%)

Correct Law: Excellent (73.03%) Acceptable (17.42%)

Temperament: Excellent (70.88%) Acceptable (16.48%)

Overall: Excellent (73.33%) Acceptable (17.22%)

Juror’s Critiques:

“He is EXTREMELY friendly, relaxed, informative, and pointed out the key things we all needed to be aware of.  I really felt like he liked his job, was interested in the case, and genuinely appreciated the jurors.  He was a class act and I feel good we have people like him performing these jobs.”  Juror (Oct 2015)

“Judge Wong was very professional and welcoming.  He listened intently and showed much respect for all people/parties involved.” Juror (Aug 2016)

“I found Judge Wong to be pleasant, welcoming and at times, entertaining.  His attitude really made it a pleasant experience.” Juror (2015)

“The judge was excellent, humorous but also certain to maintain appropriate boundaries and to dispatch the jury members with the seriousness of our duty.” Juror (March 2015)

Judge Wong was so personable but also conducted the proceedings with a high degree of professionalism.” Juror (Aug 2016)